Peter Dardzinski

Peter Dardzinski

Peter started his career as an engineer, working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.  Working as an engineer requires a strong attention to detail and the ability to assess and understand a situation with the intention of resolving a pressing issue.  Peter sought to exercise other aspects of his personality and be more heavily involved with client interaction and later moved into talent acquisition within a world-class consulting firm – finding and matching the right person to a specific job opening.  This position was a good fit for Pete’s abilities and personality, as he excels in the areas of identifying and understanding a client’s needs, negotiating, closing a deal, and overseeing and driving the process.  “I have the gift for finding a strong match for somebody’s needs.  I love to see a person succeed and be happy when their need is met.  Of course, this requires the aptitude to understand the details, the ability to focus on every step in the process and the drive to make things happen – these are qualities that I possess and I feel gratified when putting them to good use.”

It is this attention to detail, process orientation and positivity that Pete brings to his real estate partnership with Jennifer.  “We frequently talked about going into business as a team because we work well together and are productive in life.  Real estate was always an area of interest and we decided to pursue a career together, as our likes, skills and abilities made it an obvious choice.”  They also share a deep passion for making a house a home and enjoy sharing that vision with others.

Pete knows that the real estate process can be very complex and there will very likely be a few bumps in the road.  He focuses on how he can help his clients find what they really want and need.  “I make sure to keep a positive outlook, look at the big picture and understand the clients’ needs and wants.  When you understand the situation thoroughly, you can see the possibilities and discover a great match.”

In his own home with Jennifer and their daughter, Pete enjoys taking on various home improvement projects as well as exercising his ‘culinary skills’ in the kitchen.  “It allows me to get creative and improvise when needed, all within the structure of helping others. This is where I work my best.”

“It isn’t just about buying or selling real estate, it’s about helping you during a momentous transition in your life that requires full commitment and dedication. If you are interested in buying or selling a home, I would welcome the opportunity to use my abilities, knowledge and creativity to help you reach your goals.”