The Dardzinski Team



The Dardzinski Team is a partnership committed to making the process of home and property buying and/or selling a smooth journey for you.


More Than a Transaction.

When flying to a destination, it’s more than just purchasing a ticket and boarding a plane.  It’s putting your trust in the pilots to smoothly carry you where you’ve planned to go. It’s having faith that they will safely and successfully navigate the way.  It’s expecting that they have the knowledge and expertise to give you a comfortable flight experience.

Finding a real estate partner to buy and/or sell your home is quite the same.  It’s more than just a transaction.  It’s putting your trust in someone to smoothly navigating through unchartered or uncomfortable territory. It’s having faith that they understand all that goes into the process all along the way. It’s establishing a relationship with someone you trust to deliver knowledge and expertise to give you a positive buying and/or selling experience.

Whether a first home buying experience, relocation, downsizing, or anything in between, The Dardzinski Team is committed to providing you with a solid, safe landing. After all, prior to becoming a realtor, Jennifer captained a $50M Gulfstream corporate aircraft and Pete worked for NASA (no, buying and selling real estate is not rocket science, but Pete can help to make things feel a little less challenging!).  Strong relationships, a smooth journey, and successful outcomes are all in our DNA. We look forward to a partnership with you!